Summary in English

gilleshuguesOur association, a charity constituted under French law, aims to provide young adults with learning disabilities with a safe environment in which to live, in Bouillac, Dordogne.

Participating in local markets selling delicatessen is an opportunity for them to interact with other people in a setting very different from the sheltered accommodation they are used to.

Meeting people in a buyer/seller context provides the mentally handicapped people with an easier way of reaching out to people and gives them a boost to their self confidence.

In the end, we hope these interactions with customers help change the way people see them.


Our project’s aims :

  • To prioritise a good quality of life as part of the local community ;
  • To be attentive to the wishes of the residents and their family ;
  • To expand the residents’ independence and develop social integration ;
  • To offer freedom through projects adapted and personalised to their abilities ;
  • To coordinate staff and maintain contact with our network of partners.

To join the association, to know more about it or donate, please print the following document.